Full-Service Commercial Electrician in Toronto

Commercial Electrician in Toronto

Electrical systems are an integral part of everybody’s lives but it is only when you are without power that you realize just how dependent we have all become on electricity. For homeowners in the GTA, a major electrical fault can be a real inconvenience but fortunately such issues are usually resolved within a matter of hours, causing no lasting damage. For commercial organizations, on the other hand, even a few hours without full power can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity.  For this reason, it is essential that all profit-making concerns have a good working relationship with an electrician they can rely on completely. Amp Power provides services to such organizations in all areas of the GTA.

A Commercial Electrician for Toronto Companies of All Sizes

With nearly 3 decades of experience and a team of highly trained and motivated electrical engineers, we are able to provide companies of all sizes in the GTA with a first-class range of services.

  • Service Installations and Upgrades – Whether your power requirements have increased or your existing system is simply coming to the end of its useful life, we can upgrade or install a new panel to ensure your future needs are met in full. With new services rated up to 600 volts/1200 amps, we are able to meet the needs of large industrial concerns as well as smaller businesses.
  • New Electrical Systems – Another area in which we excel is the installation of new electrical systems for industrial and commercial premises in the GTA. In our capacity as a leading commercial electrician in Toronto, we have completed many complex rewiring projects for local companies, helping them to keep their business operations running smoothly as they expand. Commercial and industrial electrical installations are not something that should be tackled by inexperienced electricians; only fully qualified and licensed professionals with many years of experience under their belt are capable of ensuring that such projects are completed on time, within budget, and without any unnecessary hassles along the way.
  • Industrial Heated Floors and Snow Melting Systems – For companies that need to make sure outdoor areas are free of ice and snow in the winter, we can install snow melting systems for asphalt, concrete, and paved surfaces. For indoor applications, we can install floor heating cables in large spaces such as manufacturing facilities, and buildings where industrial processes are carried out. If you need a commercial electrician in Toronto that can handle large-scale heated floor and snow melting installations, call Amp Power and ask to speak to a member of our electrical engineering team today.

Our own highly experienced team works in close cooperation with general contractors to ensure that we are able to deliver a comprehensive range of services to our commercial clients. As active members of the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario and various other trade organizations, we stay up to date with the latest developments in electrical design and help to promote innovation in the industry, as every commercial electrician in Toronto should.